High Sheriff Fund

High Sheriff of Worcestershire’s Charitable Fund aims to encourage donations which will be distributed to a number of selected charities via the Worcestershire Community Foundation (WCF). The fund will be managed by WCF and invested alongside a number of other funds in a portfolio of investments managed by St James Place in Cirencester, thereby maximising the income potential to support more grant  giving long term.

This year, Edward is delighted to be partnering with Worcestershire Community Foundation to manage the High Sheriff Charitable Fund and focus on supporting a range of small local charities throughout his appointment.

WCF can provide the expertise and due diligence to host and support the High Sheriff Fund in an effective and professional way.

Worcestershire Community Foundation (WCF)

The Worcestershire Community Foundation (WCF) was founded back in 2003 and is a registered charity serving the communities of Worcestershire. Part of a national network of 46 local Community Foundations, WCF is a specialist organisation that matches philanthropic donors, businesses and grant giving bodies who wish to support local causes with areas of the community which are most in need.

WCF supports those charities and voluntary organisations in and across Worcestershire who don’t necessarily have the capacity to organise any major fundraising campaigns themselves. Each year, WCF successfully donates up to £200,000 to many community groups to support their projects across the county.

WCF’s current grant programmes include Comic Relief, supporting disadvantaged groups; the Youth Social Action Fund (#I Will) which funds young people’s programmes; and the Glencora fund which has recently given out grants to support initiatives in local village halls to help bring older people together in shared activities.

Throughout 2018 the WCF’s main focus is to generate funding and support programmes in the County which:

  • Support young people
  • Improve mental health
  • Support disadvantaged women

Working together: High Sheriff & WCF

This year, Edward is delighted to be partnering with Worcestershire Community Foundation. Throughout the year, all money raised by the High Sheriff Fund charitable events will be held by WCF for distribution to specific groups and individuals as chosen by the High Sheriff.

Charities supported by the High Sheriff

The Good Soil Trust

The Good Soil Trust is one of the projects that the High Sheriff decided to support. This charity aims to bring hope and support for people who struggle with life for a variety of reason. 


Their mission? "To provide a safe, non-threatening family environment where adults can develop essential life skills and can be equipped and empowered to lead meaningful and independent lives. We aim to take individuals out of the chaos and confusion that can often prevail during change"

Since 2005, the project has been offering a chance for marginalised people in the city of Worcester to take part in agricultural activities. Some of these include, stock care, rural crafts, environmental care, landscaping, woodwork and more. These activities not only teach them new skills, but they allow these people to experience a new, safe and friendly environment and community. 

If you would like to find out more or donate to the Good Soil Project please click here


Longlands Farm

Another charity that the High Sheriff supports is Longlands Farm. 

Longlands Farm is a commercial farm with the aim to re-engage young people in learning through vocational training and real hands-on meaningful work. 

The work at the farm is varied and offers a wide range of skills for young people to develop. Due to the emphasis on hard work, commitment and independent thinking, the students strive to achieve and many go on to further their skills in agriculture. 

Not only does Longlands help people to gain qualifications, but though supporting each other and working together, the scheme also builds confidence, self esteem and social skills. 

For some students, the work offers a kind of therapy. The positive, peaceful and supportive environment, allows students to relax and escape from their negative backgrounds and lives. One-to-one therapy sessions and mentoring are also offered. 

If you would like to find out more or donate to Longlands farm click here



Worcester Snoezelen helps people with disabilities by providing multi-sensory leisure therapy. 

It has 4 sensory rooms, a soft play area, a hydro pool and a sensory garden that users of all ages can enjoy.

“The multi-sensory rooms are designed to offer stimulus through the senses with the aim of promoting well-being. Using these rooms could be a passive or interactive experience depending on the member”

Snoezelen also offers other services such a music and art workshops- "For those who have limited means of communication, music can speak volumes and help people express themselves through alternative means"

If you want to find out more or donate to Worcester Snoezelen click here

Building the Endowment Fund

In the past the High Sheriff’s Fund has been part of the WCF Endowment, with the High Sheriffs concentrating on building the endowment rather than actively making awards to individuals in the county. The new High Sheriff & WCF’s vision is to build a fund that will allow grants to be made in perpetuity so future generations across the County will benefit from a growing fund, at the same time as making selected donations during the year of office. In this way, the impact of the Fund will be felt both immediately and longer term

WCF will also be able to claim gift aid on all relevant donations, increasing the value of the Fund by 25%.

Throughout his appointment Cassian will be working to set up a future sustainable model to support the longer term building of the WCF Endowment for High Sheriffs in the future.

To donate to the fund please click here



Supported Charities