Mark Jackson OBE, the High Sheriff of Worcestershire 2020-21

Having grown up in Worcestershire, served 35 years in our County Regiment in countries near and wide and then returned to settle down and work at St Richard’s Hospice for 11 years it can be seen that Worcestershire is very close to my heart. We are lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of our country with a long, varied and fascinating history. But to me the most important element of Worcestershire is the people that live here. They are a varied, innovative, energetic and caring community of lovely people, as clearly demonstrated during the Covid-19 pandemic.


While I may think I know a great deal about our County, I am assured by my predecessors that I will learn much more in the next twelve months. The High Sheriff comes to witness, question and thank people and organisations for the important role they play in our towns and villages across Worcestershire. It is an incredible honour to have been selected to fulfil this role for Worcestershire and I look forward to meeting and supporting as many people as possible over my year in office. 

Mark Jackson OBE, the High Sheriff of Worcestershire.
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